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Planning application – anaerobic digester at Sowerton Farm, Sykes Lane

Since the meeting there have been further letters submitted to the Planning Authority both in support of / against the application.  We now have approximately 300 signatures on the petition. 

We have been informed that the Planning Committee propose to hear the application on the 26th February.  

If we are to STOP this industrial plant and the associated noise, traffic and smell we need you


All letters to the following will help.   In view of the impending hearing date letters need to be sent as soon as possible, by the 20th February at the latest.

  1. North Yorkshire CC Planning Authority

Make sure that you state your postal address on the email, or the Planning Authority will not consider your email. State that you are writing to object to the planning application

  • If you have not written a letter of objection to the planning authority, PLEASE do so as soon as possible. Every letter makes a difference.
  • If you have already written but have further concerns, there is no harm in writing subsequent letters. For example, have you considered:
    • The additional cost the council will incur in maintain the roads – not just in Tollerton but in all the surrounding villages - as the digestate is delivered
    • The fact that the applicant has not provided details on the source of the food waste; so how can we assess if this is a “sustainable” proposal?
    • The effect on the rural economy if fewer people use the pubs/ shop/ caravan site; resulting in lower local employment
    • The visual impact of the site.

The email address of NYCC Planning is:  Planning.Control@northyorks.gov.uk


Make sure that you state your postal address on the email, or the Planning Authority will not consider your email.

  1. Our NYCC Councillor – Peter Sowray

The email address for Council Sowray is:  cllr.peter.sowray@northyorks.gov.uk

Peter Sowray has been elected to NYCC to represent this ward and therefore should be made aware of any concerns in relation to this application.


  1. Our Hambleton District Councillors – Geoff Ellis and Nigel Knapton [Chris Rook is also a councillor, but he is currently ill]

The email addresses are:  cllr.geoff.ellis@hambleton.gov.uk and cllr.nigel.knapton@hambleton.gov.uk

The planning application is being heard by NYCC as it relates to waste however there is no harm in making Mssrs Ellis and Knapton aware of our concerns; they have been elected to represent us.

  1. Our MP – Kevin Hollinrake

Mr Hollinrake cannot get directly involved in the planning application as it is being managed by NYCC however, as he represents us, there is no harm in making him aware of our concerns.

His email address is kevin.hollinrake.mp@parliament.uk

  1. NYCC Highways Department

 If there are concerns in relation to the state of the road these need to be raised with Highways.

Complaints can be logged on line on: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/potholes and road condition issues.


On Saturday the 16th February we would like AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to:

  • Assemble on the Village Green at 9.45am
  • Re-assemble at the Station Pub car park at 10am

Please wear a Hi-Vis jacket if you have one. The Station Pub will be open for refreshments afterwards.

This will be a visual message to the planners that we do not want this industrial development in our village. We expect media attendance

Banners and loud voices welcome!

Sent on behalf of the Tollerton AD Action Group