Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

We are grateful to Mr William Knapton for providing access to the old minute books to help with this section. It all started officially with a meeting of 'about 40 persons'

held on the 15th October 1920. The meeting was chaired by a Mr Burton with the aim of organising a 'Memorial to mark the appreciation of the people of Tollerton for what the village lads had done in the war'.

Initial discussion was about a cross but it quickly moved on to the idea of erecting a hut. It appears the wooden structure was quickly erected being completed by January 1921. A Dedication Service was held on the 31st January followed a few days later by a Whist Drive and Dance.


This is the only picture we have of the original Tollerton War Memorial Hall. The picture is of the Show Committee.






Our current village hall replaced the wooden structure in 1976 and was once again the result of a major fundraising drive amongst the community. The old hall was sold for £25 at auction with a further £2.05 being raised for the coal. When expenses were paid this left the princely sum of £2.10! The wooden structure was then moved to Clifton where we believe it is still in use a Scout Hut.