Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

This section holds results of discussions between the Parish Council and various bodies that we feel are important for the residents of Tollerton.

13/11/2023 Letter to Parish Council chair in response to messy surface on Tennis Court Lane

We haven’t had anyone approach us on site, but I will discuss this with the team and ask them to be as proactive as possible. I believe there was a significant mess left by BT/Openreach when they were working in the lane last week – I asked our team to sweep this up on their behalf as I knew that complaints would come our way despite the mess having been caused by others.

Please rest assured that we will try to be as clean as possible – unfortunately given the existing condition of the roadway and the current weather there will inevitably be some temporary mess.

I have asked our site manager Chris to write his phone number on a sign at the site entrance, so people can contact him directly if there are any issues going forward.

Kind regards,

Ro Cunningham



The Parish Council has received complaints about the standard of the works completed on the pavements in Kyle Close and Hambleton View. This has been passed to our local councillor Cllr Malcolm Taylor and he is seeking review of the completed works.

We will keep you posted with progress on this.

Older notices are below for anyone to review


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July 2022

Dr Jackson represented the Parish Council at a meeting with Paul Crosby, Project Engineer, North Yorkshire County Council and several local residents about the road surface at the top end of South Back Lane. It was agreed that the surface required replacement and this would be scheduled - likley to be completed in the next 90 days. The road will need to be closed for a period to allow the work.


Warehills Lane Junction

South Back Lane